Backyard Decorating:


Decorating your brand new backyard is an incredibly exciting time so you better make sure you do it right.

There are many things that you can do to make your backyard look absolutely fabulous. One of the best things you can do for your backyard is grow your very own personal garden.

Another awesome thing you can do is set up lawn ornaments like gnomes or pink flamingos.

Once you build your beautiful backyard you have to set up furniture for you to relax in it.

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Building a Beautiful Backyard


A beautiful backyard can add a lot to the value of your home. Building a beautiful backyard doesn’t have to be a hassle, here are a few tips to make your backyard look fantastic.

1. Plant a garden near the patio of your home that people can admire.

2. Place tables with umbrellas on your patio for a nice shade during the summer.

3. Plant a tree or two in the backyard for natural shade.

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3 Great Additions to your Backyard


  1. Gazebo – Nothing is better than hanging out in your backyard, but sometimes the sun can be a little too much. A gazebo gives you all the shade you need to experience your backyard on a sunny day.
  2. Solar lamps – Why waste energy when your lamps will be baking in the sun all day anyway! Make your backyard even greener by adding solar lamps, which will spend all day charging and keep your backyard well lit for nighttime entertainment.
  3. Outdoor sound system – Have your own backyard boogie by adding a sound system to your backyard. Make sure it’s portable, so you can bring it back inside during weather that may damage your equipment.

Need to add a relaxation station to your backyard? Get a hammock!

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3 Benefits to Hammock Sleeping


  1. No Pressure Points: Hammocks fully conform to your body’s shape, unlike a stiff bed that pokes you with pressure points. While lying in a hammock, the body feels zero pressure from annoying points, which provide ultimate relaxation.
  2. Bed Making? Not Anymore: Unlike a bed, which requires remaking after a nap, a hammock offers chore-free relaxation.
  3. Fall Asleep Faster: An outdoor hammock’s fresh air surroundings, lack of pressure points, and gentle rhythmic sway, quickly rock users into slumber.

Are you ready to try sleeping in a Hammock? Hammock Boutique offers beautifully crafted hammocks, perfect for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

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3 Backyard Must Haves


  1. Picnic Table: Installing a picnic table into your backyard adds an outdoor dining area to your home perfect for a family BBQ or simple, starlit, family dinner.
  2. Grill: Nothing says summer like a grill full of food. With a grill right in your backyard, you can flip burgers and hot dogs easily, for an instant family BBQ any night of the week.
  3. Hammock: Hammocks are the epitome of outdoor relaxation. Hanging perfectly between two trees, a hammock offers its owner a quick and affordable oasis, right at home.

Are you ready to outfit your yard with a hammock? Hammock Boutique offers beautifully Yucatan Peninsula-crafted hammocks to bring relaxation straight to your backyard.


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